WinC - Work in Cloud

Innovative system that increases effectiveness of the company in real time.

System WinC

Innovative system that reduce cost of the projects. Collect and analysis data about workforce in real time.


Reduce the number of work hours allocated to the projects and use free resources for new orders.


Analyze incoming data from anywhere in the world using dynamic management dashboards.


Take control over work hours burn out, tasks progresses and implementation of the plan of production.


Use all available information to make necessary changes to your projects and production plans.


construction industry

railway industry

production industry

Advantages of the WinC system

Get to know why, you should choose the WinC system.

From the first use, the WinC system collects all data that is generated during the project. Thanks to this you know whether resources are used effectively and whether progress meets the assumed financial goals.

Having measured the working time at various stages of the project, you can modify the production process to achieve maximum efficiency. As you increase the efficiency of processes, you’ll reduce your labor costs, and with each subsequent project you’ll get a higher margin.

Collecting data on real labor costs allow you to construct offer properly with inclusion of all costs  related with the execution of the orders and projects. The risk of underestimating labor costs and, consequently, accepting unprofitable orders will disappear.

Knowing what are the costs of project implementation at its individual stages, you will properly allocate resources. Employees will know what are the expected times for planned tasks and they will be able to control the pace and effectiveness of their implementation on an ongoing basis.

The WinC system is light and mobile – depending on your needs, you can move with it wherever you need it. It does not require a complicated and time-consuming implementation – you can configure it in an hour and start using it right away.

The system is friendly to employees – it does not require time-consuming training and extensive configuration. By providing the most important data necessary to control the profitability of projects on an ongoing basis, it is a necessary bridge between complex ERP systems and ongoing production.

Always up-to-date

The WinC system controls the entire production process and records all data related to employee activity.

live preview

All information presented in the system reflects the current status and advancement of work thanks to the use of a database in the cloud.

dynamic dashboards

They graphically visualize and transform data into information that allows you to better understand and manage the production processes taking place in the company.

mobility and availability

The system was designed with emphasis on mobility and accessibility on portable devices such as a tablet or smartphone with iOS, Android and Windows.

from managers for managers

Intuitive operation, minimum configuration required and selection of information - all this so that the new user can quickly take effective work with the system.

Do you want to feel the difference yourself? See the WinC system in action online!

Data collector WinC

To ensure the most effective operation of the system, we have created a dedicated recorder that meets all the requirements of the WinC system.

Platform iOS

RFID card reader

Dedicated interface

Design Apple iOS
3G & LTE

Standard VESA

Work on the battery

Power supply

"WinC is an innovative system that allowed us to comprehensively understand the production processes taking place in companies.Thanks to the information provided in real-time, we observed day by day what effects our optimization activities brought, which significantly reduced the implementation time and rapidly improved business results of enterprises."
Bartosz Bes
Co-founder, WinC