System WinC

Innovative system that increases effectiveness of the company in real time.

Information provided by the system

The system constantly transforms disordered and dispersed data collected during production into relevant and current management information

Live information

- live feed - current number of logged employees - hours worked during the day - division of employees into projects - work tree

Projects information

- live feed - efficiency ratios - number of logged employees - advanced work in the project - hours worked - tasks completed

Information on departments

- live feed - efficiency ratios - number of logged employees - hours worked - tasks completed

Information about employees

- live feed - tasks completed - hours worked - work start and end times

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Basic modules & system components

The system is built in a modular way to allow it to be adapted to the customer's needs.


Designed to support the user in making decisions and tracking their results.


The module allows you to track the progress and efficiency ratios of tasks and entire projects.


The module analyzes the work done on tasks that are assigned to projects along with their advancement.


The profile allows you to configure the system and manage users.


Uses the entire analytical functionality of the system from any mobile device or computer.


By means of the recorder, he logs all activities related to the projects and tasks being carried out.

Service via a web browser

The system is adapted to all modern web browsers.


The WinC system is compatible with the infrastructure based on the Apple, Linux, Android and Windows.

How does the system work?

The system records all production data and allows you to optimize the production process on an ongoing basis.


RFID cards

Data collector

Projects & tasks

Work time

The number of employees
Cloud Database

The number of data collectors


A mobile device or a computer

System WinC

Dashboards and reports

Quick reaction