Data collector WinC

Dedicated data collector designed to meet all WinC system requirements.

Collector features

Simple and intuitive to use, ready to work right out of the box.

iOS platform

It guarantees stable, fast and reliable operation even at the highest load.

RFID card reader

The integrated card reader and RFID tags allow you to read the popular Mifare 1K standard.

Dedicated interface

The employee's interface has been designed to present only the required information.

3G & LTE

The device is connected without interruption to the Internet regardless of the company's infrastructure.

VESA Standard

The VESA standard allows the use of commonly available wall mounts.

Work on the battery

In case of difficult operating conditions, the device can work on batteries without an external power supply.

Do you want to feel the difference yourself? See the WinC system in action online!

Important information

Technical specifications

Download the technical specification sheet to find out all the details regarding the installation requirements.

User manual

Download the recorder's manual.

RFID card compatibility

Familiarize yourself with the list of default supported RFID card formats. It is possible to adapt the recorder to a different card standard than the default one.

VESA Standard

Download assembly instructions that contain the recorder installation requirements.